Citrix Cloud Shared Tenancy

There was a bit of a stir on Twitter last week about how Citrix don’t provide a method for consultants or technical enthusiasts to learn about Citrix Cloud post the 30 day trial. Martin Therkelsen had the idea of a few of us grouping together to get a shared tenancy similar to the Citrix CTP’s, a delightful gent Kevin Howell welcomed the opportunity to help the community and provide a subscription at cost! I offered to gather details of everyone interested so we could stay in contact and immediately sent out a Podio web form.

The response has been rapid! I’ve put this post together with a graph that will update in real-time with the number of people currently registered. The more people that register, the cheaper it will be.

There have been mention of other vendors chipping in also and potentially adding their solutions in an NFR manner – Simon Townsend from iGel tweeted about UD pockets for everyone involved!

Watch this space!

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  • Great initiative, Lee – I’m in conversation with ECC about something where this option and your name were mentioned. I’m only experienced in on-prem and some private cloud – suddenly pivoting to Citrix Cloud without a target architecture to script against seems high risk, so this would be great.

    I have also suggested to another company, Device42, that they offer a similar hands-on-lab with anonymized data and fake inventory to scan and interact with. I think sending out timebombed evaluation virtual appliances is of extremely limited value.

  • Only recently learnt about this in todays CUGUK, looking forward to getting involved and using my iGel UD Pocket to setup some labs / demos

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