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Citrix are due to stop SmartScale on the 31st May 2019. For anyone that isn’t sure what this product is; it’s a solution that manages the startup, shutdown and scaling on load for any Citrix VDA machines that are running.

Its specifically been designed for cloud environments where virtual machines cost money, this tool controls the costs of cloud consumption by shutting machines down during periods of low activity such as evening and weekends.

If you are lucky enough to be a Citrix Cloud customer you can benefits from Auto-Scale which will do this job for you, this isn’t free for users running Hybrid Citrix solutions or Native Cloud though.

The driving force behind this project was mainyl to provide my clients with equivalent functionality at the point that Citrix SmartScale is shutdown, I dubbed the project PowerScale; mainly because I thought it was a cool name.

So what does it do?

  • Scheduled Machine Management
    • Working Hour Schedule
    • Outside Working Hours Schedule
      • Power On Machines
      • Power Off Machines
      • Scale Machines based on performance metrics
        • CPU
        • Memory
        • Load Index
        • Session Limits
    • User Logoff
      • Forced User Logoff
      • Two Message sent to users at specified intervals before shutdown
    • Graceful User Logoff
      • Wait for sessions to drain before shutdowns complete
    • Email on critical error
    • Testing only mode
      • Logfile generated on every run
      • No farm actions performed during test mode



  • Citrix PowerShell SDK must be installed
  • Admin Access to the Citrix Site from the user running the script
  • WMI Access to the Citrix VDA Servers or an account that has access (Can be specified in the config file)
    • There is a separate PowerShell script called “Create Config File”, this is designed to generate the config.xml file that the script reads for all its information about the environment it’s connecting to.
    • Please make sure on your initial test runs you enable test mode, this will gather information but not perform any actions on the farm. This will also confirm that WMI access is working as expected.


Setup and Config:

For help creating an account to access the VDA machines via WMI: Configuring-a-Standard-Account-for-WMI-Monitoring

For installation and configuration please head over to the GitHub Wiki page: Installation-and-Configuration


Making sure its working:

When running PowerScale it will create a set of log files which it places information in for the decisions is making, you’ll find these in the log files.

A typical output from a successful script run.

You can also review the results in the configuration logging database.



I’d like to credit the following people for their input and efforts in making the finished article:

Please come and chat to us on Gitter and let us know your thoughts: Gitter Chat



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