About Me

My name is Leee Jeffries, I’m an IT Professional specializing in Citrix Technologies but also working in other areas such as DevOps, Infrastructure, Security and RPA/Performance Testing. I’ve been working in IT in one guise or another for the last 20 years; my main focus is on EUC (End User Computing). My focus started at an infrastructure and desktop administration level and quickly picked up pace when virtualisation technologies became more mainstream.

Current Certifications / Awards:

  • Citrix Technology Professional – CTP
  • Citrix Certified Expert in Virtualisation – CCV-E
  • LoginVSI Technology Advocate
  • Azure Virtual Desktop Certified

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I created this blog to share my tips, items I spend time working out and general opinions on work in the Information Technology industry. I highly value the IT community, the knowledge that is shared and the openness of people within said community. You’ll find help and support from people that have been doing the same things you are or want to do for years, it has helped in my career and life. This site is my attempt at sharing back to the community. Feel free to reach out to me on Twitter or LinkedIn, my DM’s are open.